Acute Financial was established by President and Principal Advisor, Jadon Newman in 2010. Jadon dedicated himself to seeing the people of Texas accomplish their retirement goals.

Because of his alternative investment strategies, Jadon has excelled in perfecting comprehensive retirement plans, designed to withstand a volatile stock market or declines in economic activity.

Originally founded in Austin, Texas, Acute Financial has recently entered into the Dallas Metropolitan area and is predicted to be within all of the Texas major markets by the spring of 2017. Acute Financial is furiously expanding and growing to be able to offer some of their exclusive services to Texas as a whole.


Our firm is built around the people we serve.  If we take you on as a new client, our first objective is to change your paradigm by changing your expectations. Financial concerns should not be keeping you awake at night. Acute Financial offers a full range of financial products and services to meet our clients’ needs. We take our clients’ specific needs and concerns into account when coming up with a plan of action that best fits their situation. Our advisors are held to high expectations and live by the statements:

  • “The people we serve are empowered through education.”
  • “The people we serve are secure through smart planning.”
  • “The people we serve are defenders of their wealth.”

We believe there is a class warfare going on in this country, not between the rich & the poor, but between the informed and the uniformed. When we accept a new client, we immediately implement a client service timeline which systematically lays the foundation for a lifetime financial plan. We implement wealth management strategies which empower our clients to take back control of their own financial destiny.

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